Tcell Corporate Social Responsibility
Tcell is a socially responsible company. Tcell has conducted under 140 social projects only during the year 2017. The strategic pillars are Education for all, Digital Inclusion and entrepreneurship, Rural support when it comes to supporting Sports, Culture, and Charity activities in orphanages and other vulnerable groups of the society during the festivities and important occasions. Tcell also carries the health initiatives with partner organizations to support different rural groups via technological solutions.
Main Pillars
Education for All • Digital Entrepreneurship • Regional (Charity, Culture, Sports, Health)
Tcell partners
Ministry of Education, Committee of the Tourism, UNESCO, UNDP, Unicef, Mercy Corps, AKDN, Accelerate Prosperity, British Embassy, EBRD, IFC, World Bank, Cultural Center Bactria, Oracle and other business organizations.
Education for All
Internet Security

The Internet usage is starting since the very young age. The Internet is a useful source and tool for work and education. Tcell as the leader in providing internet services conducts Interactive training sessions in schools, orphanages for teenagers on "Safe Internet" about correct and helpful ways of using the Internet. Engaging presentations together with games, quizzes, and tour to the HQ of Tcell checking on the spot how the internet works and what various departments do to provide the quality service to its customers. "Internet Security" social project of Tcell took the prize in the category "Best Social Project" in the Global Event Awards, where 94 projects from 7 CIS and Baltic countries participated.
Education for All
Engaging Rural population

"Internet for all?" project unites together the local population from different regions. Together with entertaining content the rural community is educated and briefed on how to use services, download useful applications, search information. The event was conducted in different regions of the country. 100 plus events and around 100,000 participants.
The "Roof of the World" Festival
What is the "Roof of the World" festival? This incredible immersion in the living traditions of some of the most ancient peoples of the world! A rich history, incredible traditions, a unique heritage are alive and meet annually at the festival.

Visitors from the USA, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and all regions of Tajikistan will present their art from July 27 to 29 in Khorog! Tcell was delighted to be part of this grand event!
Digital Entrepreneurship
Digital Camp, Digital Inclusion, Digital Entrepreneurship.

Digital Camp Tcell is an interactive platform for implementing technology solutions that change lives for the better!

The digital camp is a platform for young entrepreneurs, startups, and enthusiasts who want to create and develop a new creative approach to the implementation of ideas, products, and services to build a sustainable business.

People, groups, start-ups who have an inspiring business idea participated. up to 100 participants during the first season and 15 websites created.

The sessions included business coaching, marketing, project management, digital communication and technical experience to prepare the websites.

"Digital Camp is a powerful kicker on the way to digital marketing and digital entrepreneurship! All the Speakers were competent and professional! Participants received a lot of exciting and helpful information. Many like-minded people gathered at once and established good contacts.

The most valuable information they learned how to launch their websites and promote on digital. The program included many practical advice for the real experience.

Tcell is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Tajikistan, sole owner of which is Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED). AKFED is an international development agency dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and building economically sound enterprises in the developing world. AKFED is one of the agencies in AKDN system – the network of private, organisations that work to improve the welfare and prospects of people in the developing world. AKDN aims to improve living conditions and opportunities for people regardless of their particular religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. AKDN works towards the vision of an economically dynamic, politically stable, intellectually vibrant and culturally tolerant Tajikistan.

Office Address: Tcell, Tcell Plaza, 34, Rudaki Ave., Dushanbe, 734025, Republic of Tajikistan

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