Digital Camp Tcell is an interactive platform for implementing technology solutions that change life for the better!

Are you ambitious in implementing your business ideas, but face the problem of delivering information to potential customers ?!

Do you have an inspiring business idea, the success of which depends on creating an effective communication channel for communicating with consumers ?!

The answers to these questions are your participation in the
Digital Camp Tcell project!

Digital Camp Tcell
A platform for young entrepreneurs, startups, and enthusiasts who want to create and develop a new creative approach to the implementation of ideas, products, and services to create a sustainable business

Projects of Digital Camp 2017
The site of the musical group "Western Quarter"
Korean cosmetics online store
Site about organic soap and natural cosmetics
An online store that integrates all stores in Tajikistan into a single online site
Tourist portal of Tajikistan
Online shop and monthly city fair at the same time
Electronic purse HitPay is an opportunity to pay for any goods and services from your phone or computer
Online store selling art paintings and hand-made items
Website for buying and selling cars
Professional interior photo studio
Website: cybersport platform
Online reference of goods and services
VIP consulting company site
Special Olympics of Tajikistan
Feedback from participants
Tourist Information Center:
"... Everything is very good, I learned a lot of new things, if I count 10-point system, I give 10/10 to this project. For further development of our project, I can now make good forecasts. Now, for example, I know exactly what is missing on our website and how it can be developed. I learned a lot in the field of design, in the field of website promotion. It would be nice to organize the similar project in Khujand...

Thank you for organizing the training of Digital Camp Tcell .... "

Mahmudjon Mukimov
Project on natural products:
"I am a simple and ordinary guy from Dushanbe; I have a dream - to do everything possible so that people have access to natural products for personal care." This is the dream that inspired me to do a handmade soap; my product is 100% natural. "Any production requires a contribution, both physical, emotional, and financial. I always felt that something was missing, I found out about the Tcell Digital Camp project, and took part. This project turned my life around; this is exactly what I missed I required skills and knowledge, I have reached a new level thanks to the project and I hope that the acquired knowledge that I use will give a immense business result. "

Cosmetology Project:
"I realized that it's not so difficult to create websites, it is difficult to untwist them. On the project, I learned a lot of new information received at DigitalCamp; it was very useful, it will be valuable in the development of our small business. The most interesting and helpful for I took myself from the classes on creating a website and creating mass mailings. The training program was excellent in general, the classes were brilliant, although the lessons were very intensive, they passed smoothly, and all the information was understandable.

In brief, thank you very much for your help in the development of our start-up."

Movchan Romen
Cybersport development project:

"Taking part in Digital Camp was effective for 100% for me. My visualization of business and its promotion became structured. The most valuable information that I received was in digital marketing sphere. I realized that create and run a business is easier than it seems. As a recommendation, I would like to increase the time of trainings, for gaining even more knowledge"
"Vatan" radiostation:

"For me personally, taking part in this project is very valuable. I have intentions now to create own project, as I gained a lot of information for its realization. Training inspired me to new ideas. At my current work, this knowledge will help to improve the work of my department, and hopefully, the work of whole radiostation! I realized that it is important always to educate and train oneself. Everything is possible, what is important is the desire and motivation for hard work. After the trainings I am sure, that Tajikistan has and will have new projects, controlled by youth" «Участие в проекте лично для меня было очень полезно. Возникло желание создать свой собственный проект и я получила много информации для его создания и реализации. Тренинги вдохновили меня на новые идеи. В нынешней работе, новые знания помогут улучшить работу моего отдела и надеюсь работу радиостанции в целом! Я поняла, что необходимо постоянно обучаться и тренировать себя. Нет ничего невозможного, главное желание и упорно работать. После тренинга появилась уверенность, что у нас в Таджикистане есть и будут развиваться новые проекты, во главе которых будет молодежь."
Video show cases creation project:

"Digital Camp is a powerful kicker on the way to digital marketing! Speakers are very trained and professional! I received a lot of interesting and helpful information. Here many like-minded people gathered at once, and we all established good contacts.
Further, I will study digital marketing professionally. The most valuable information I learned on web-sites promotion and social media promotion. Trainers considered every project individually, which is very important part. I think that every team has found the right methods exactly for promotion of their ideas. The program included many practical advices for the real experience, and that is why I would not change the program in any way"

What do we expect from
Digital Camp Tcell
80+ participants
startups, designers, developers and just enthusiasts
15+ sites
developed during the work of Digital Camp, among which we will choose three finalists
15+ mentors
local and international, ready to help participants finalize ideas and projects
60 days
to study, practice and work on your project
What prizes will the winners receive?
I place

3 000
• For the development of business ideas
• Wi-Fi router with unlimited 4G
• Internet for one year
• domain and a hosting site for one year
II place

2 000
• For the development of business ideas
• Wi-Fi router with unlimited 4G
• Internet for one year
• domain and a hosting site for one year
III place

1 000
• For the development of business ideas
• Wi-Fi router with unlimited 4G
• Internet for one year
• domain and a hosting site for one year
Our goal is to bring you as close as possible to a quality working site to promote your idea/product/project
Business planning
Market understanding, competitors, SWOT, Canvas, P & L and cash flow, project management, tools.
Customer and analysis
Research, Customer Insight, Customer journey, Touchpoints, Emotional connection.
Brand and culture
Brand Building, Brand Management, World Brands, Brand book, Do's and Don'ts.
Content Creation
Content Management, Hero, Hub and Hygiene Content. Story Telling.
Fundamentals of programming. The main stages of developing web projects, developing mockup, preparing a design concept, creating design-layouts and user interface.
Design and prototyping
Basics of Design, creation of design - layouts and user interface layout
Digital promotion
Google and Yandex analytics, landing sites, conversion, promotion tools, etc.
Integrated marketing plan, budgeting, Online and offline advertising, promotion channels
Team Management
Teambuilding, Leadership style, DISC, conflict resolution
Project partner
Digital Camp Team
Kethie Pirtskhalava
Project Lead
Marketer. Expert in marketing, brand and digital. Business Consultant and Trainer. With over fifteen years of experience in marketing, advertising, communications in the companies in the region Eurasia.
Zarrina Gazaryan
Project Lead
Manager for Strategic Projects Management, Business Coach and Coach for Personal Development and Conflict Resolution.
Alisher Kholiknazarov
Creative director and practicing marketer, professional of advertising, music producer, and musician.
Jafar Nurmatov
Commercial lead, and a financier, leading manager with vast experience in managing both small start-ups and organizations with a complex hierarchy.
Khurshed Karibabaev
Speaker/Project Manager
Specialist in marketing, planning and budgeting with twelve years of experience in the field of communications.
Gulanor Atobek
Audit Director in "Deloitte" the Caspian region. Experience in auditing in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan more than 13 years.
Alisher Khalikov
Expert in Product Management, Product Manager with broad experience in Telco, the specialist in International Partnerships.
Iskandar Mirzoganiev
Public figure, creative consultant, marketer and designer. Director of the brand consultancy agency "State Counselor".
Abdumumin Khafizov
The designer, an expert in graphic design and animation.
Olga Zavyalova
Specialist in Communications & PR, copywriter, SMM and content manager.
Denis Batalin
Business trainer, consultant, an expert in digital marketing and online advertising, co-owner of ADCONSULT and director of digital projects of the company.
Mansur Khojiboboev
Leading practitioner, programmer and web designer, with experience managing large teams and complex projects. Director of the company LLC "BIT".
Nona Majidi
Speaker-motivator, head of youth projects in the American Councils.
Parviz Rahmatulloev
Expert of PR and Marketing of Tcell
Selection process
Submission of on-line application for participation
1. Complete online registration
2. Both individual applications and applications from teams are accepted
3. Describe your skills
4. Give a brief description of the idea/project / product that you intend to promote, or you are already promoting
5. Share the description of the idea/project / product in Pitch format or another similar
6. The following categories are welcomed: tourism, services, handmade, education, social sphere

Interviews with selected candidates and teams
1. We will try to cover all applicants, but the criterion of selection at this stage is the idea/project/product itself, to what extent it is relevant and corresponds to the selected categories.
2. The list of participants/ teams with the date and time of the interview will be published at www.digitalcamp.tcell.tj
3. Presentation of the idea/project/product - in pitch format
4. The duration of the interview with the individual applicant is 15 minutes, with the team - 30 minutes (all team members participate)
Announcement of the final list of participants
1. The list will be available at www.digitalcamp.tcell.tj

Time left to submit project proposals:

Individual registration
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Here you can download a presentation template that you can use as a template to create a presentation of your idea:
Team Registration
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Here you can download a presentation template that you can use as a template to create a presentation of your idea:
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